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Most cryptocurrency exchanges are places where users can either sell or buy Bitcoin. xCoins is somewhat different, as it is a peer-to-peer marketplace that lets its clients to lend or borrow digital money. This may sound weird or complicated, but here is what you need to know: the whole process of obtaining Bitcoins at xCoins is much faster than trading at any exchange you may be used to. It only takes a couple of minutes for the amount of Bitcoins you want to borrow to be transferred to your xCoins wallet, as it has already been previously deposited by a lender. And if you already own some of this cryptocurrency, the site offers you a great chance to earn some passive income from it rather than keep it lying in your wallet.

Another great thing about this service is that you can use PayPal, which is rarely supported by cryptocurrency exchanges. So if you haven’t heard about xCoins exchange before, we strongly advise you to consider it.


xCoins is a relatively new platform since it was launched in August 2016. Nevertheless, its unique and secure service drew enough attention to help it gain certain popularity and a solid customer base. As of now, xCoins welcomes clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. There does not seem to be an xCoins app for mobile devices, and the only supported currency is Bitcoin, but there are some useful features that help to improve the experience and make sure everything is safe.

Creating an Account

Signing up and creating an xCoins account is a matter of a few minutes. You will have to enter your first name, last name, and email. There is, however, an ID verification required when you make your first purchase, and this process may take several hours. This is why it’s best to submit your first order during xCoins business hours, which are 08:00am – 18:00pm PST. All subsequent purchases will be instant.

To make sure your xCoins login is well-protected; a two-factor authentication is applied, which is a standard measure nowadays.

How It Works

There are certain reasons why obtaining Bitcoins at xCoins is called a secured loan despite the fact that the whole thing reminds more of a usual purchase. Using PayPal as a payment method can be considered one of those reasons. Another one is the option that a buyer has after he gets Bitcoins he has paid for. He can use them in any way he wants, but should he decide to get his dollars back after some time, he can just pay back the loan including the generated interest. Considering that all loans are calculated in USD and the agreement dictates that a lender returns your collateral upon your request, this could be a beneficial move for the borrower if Bitcoin grows in value over time.

So, for a buyer, the process looks as follows:

  • Enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy
  • Pay using one of the available methods
  • Check you xCoins wallet for newly received Bitcoin
  • Transfer the money to your own virtual wallet and use it for whatever purposes you need

If you want to lend Bitcoin, there is nothing complicated about it either:

  • First, you will have to link your PayPal account
  • Make a deposit in Bitcoin that you would like to lend
  • Create a listing with your preferred interest rate
  • Receive payment to your PayPal account when someone makes an order

We have to mention that there have been cases when lenders’ PayPal accounts got frozen because of the nature and frequency of transactions. xCoins has introduced limiting the lending amount for beginners to minimize the risks of PayPal recognizing these payments as suspicious, but that is something to keep in mind.

Available Currencies and Fees

xCoins only supports Bitcoin, which can be purchased with USD. You can deposit money using a credit/debit card, bank account (ACH or eCheck), or PayPal.

If you need to buy Bitcoin and PayPal is your only option, be ready to pay some fees for such a rare opportunity. Besides the loan interest fee (15%-30%) that goes to the lender, you will have to pay 7.5% to xCoins for their services, and a standard fee for processing PayPal transfers (2.9% plus 30 cents).

This website is much more attractive to lenders, who are not charged any fees.


The wallets with users’ money are properly encrypted, making all the transactions on xCoins secure. There are also constant checks for frauds, and the ill-intentioned users are eliminated with the help of an ID verification process.

There has been a hacking attack in 2016, but xCoins has reimbursed all the users who lost their money, and the security was improved since.

Customer Support

xCoins support is one of the reasons the platform often receives negative feedback. It is, however, mentioned on the site that customer support service is available during certain working hours and they reply to clients within 24 hours from submitting a question to Help Desk. And even though it’s difficult to complain about it when we have been properly informed, it would be nice to have constantly available support.

The good thing is there is a well-written FAQ section that can answer most of the questions about the site’s operation unless you have some serious issue that needs individual approach.

The Bottom Line

xCoins exchange certainly deserves attention due to its unique idea, which potentially offers both lenders and borrowers a chance to earn more than they initially pay. However, it is natural that only one side will succeed in the end, making the whole thing seem a bit like a gamble. If you need a simple cryptocurrency exchange, there are plenty of those online and with a better reputation. xCoins could use some improvement to gain more trust from clients, particularly by adding a live chat and guaranteeing that the lenders’ PayPal accounts will not get frozen. The platform has already managed to resolve some issues and become much more reliable, and there are also a lot of happy lenders and borrowers who keep using the site. You may want to give it a shot and become another satisfied customer.



People are used to thinking that the most authoritative portals are based somewhere in the USA or UK, and these are the exact places where all the traders of the planet should fix their watchful eyes. After all, as a rule, these sites are remarkably active, already built up, generous, honest in relation to their customers, and the critical issue is that they all have strict rules and regulations upon their activities. However, we would like to advise to study very calm, logical and quite steady exchange, which manner of doing business could be equated to art. To date, we draw your attention to the Canadian exchange Quadriga CX.

About exchange officially leads its activities in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and it offers digital currency exchange services.

QuadrigaCX is one of most gigantic Canadian crypto exchanges. It operates under the name Quadriga Fintech Solutions and contains all the requested permits. The organization is claiming to grow into the globe’s leading aboveboard traded cryptocurrency exchange. exchange began its practice with a public offering of shares, through which 850,000 CAD was collected. Meanwhile, their initial goal was of 380,000 CAD, we understand that it was doubled. It is also known that the top four brokerage firms in Vancouver – Haywood Securities, PI Financial, Capital Markets and Wolverton Securities – gave credence to this brand new organization. They supported the exchange at the earliest stage of its development.

The organization allows their customers both acquire and hawk any of offered digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

To top it all up, we should mention that exchange supports the fiat currencies such as USD and CAD, and the forthcoming pairs are accessible on the portal BTC/CAD, BTC/ETH, ETH/CAD, LTC/CAD, BTC/USD, BCH/CAD, and BTG/CAD.

QuadrigaCX has a very good SimilarWeb ranking. According to SimilarWeb, it is really popular over the globe and also very popular portal in its native land. 87.06% of users come from Canada, 3.12%   come from the United States, 2.57% from Germany, 1.42% from Thailand, and 0.51% from Brazil. And it has more than 240 countries which users are also interested in this service.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit of funds is supported, in both afore-mentioned digital currencies and fiat currencies, but it is very important to note that fiat currencies are available for deposit. It is only possible to withdraw them in the case when as a result of the trade they were transferred from digital currencies to fiat, and it is allowed to do on electronic payment systems.

Cryptocurrencies are replenished normally with immediate virement to e-wallet generated by the site. Crypto assets fee promptly includes the cost of bank operation’s interest and is calculated being reliant on the amount for each specific case.

To buy Bitcoin exchange advises a zillion of benefits.

Regarding the fiat currencies, they comprise lot more options for transferring in.

CAD is able to be processed with the help of such systems: Bank Wire, Flexepin Voucher, INTERAC, QCX Voucher, or Crypto Capital. The bank operations must vary from $50,000 CAD with a superior limit of $500,000 CAD.

Concerning USD, it can be processed with the help of Bank Wire, QCX Voucher, or Crypto Capital as well. The bank operations must vary from $25,000 USD with a superior limit of $500,000 USD.

Registration and Verification

For the purpose of creating account to become a client, it won’t take much time. Registration always takes about 3-5 minutes. To start, click the Register button on the site. Next, choose the account (private or for business). And then the form for data typing is opened, where you need to specify: full name, date of birth, country of residence, and email. Then the newcomer should type a strong password (from 8 digits or more). It is important to note that PIN for transactions should be simple. The user has to indicate it during the withdrawal of funds.

When it comes to verification, the newcomers must undergo the authentification procedure. This helps to avoid fraud.

You can become verified in two ways:

Loading document scans. The process of documents uploading is absolutely secured.

With the help of Equifax plugin, which is, actually, an instant option. There would be necessary to complete a certain questionnaire concerning credit history.

Users who upload scans of documents receive the maximum range of services on the exchange (including even high limits).

If the newcomers going to trade tokens in small amounts, there is no need to pass verification. First of all the inexperienced users can explore all the functions of service before choosing something appropriate. After all the actions explored, you can make a decision whether it is worth sending your documents at all.

It is important to note that first method of verification can last for 72 hours, due to its execution in manual mode.

QuadrigaCX as a place to trade

When surfing exchange it would be clear enough even to an inexperienced trader who just began his acquainting with this exciting world of forex. Fundamentally simple it gives the possibility to succeed with extensive stomping grounds both for crypto investors and common people.

Each trading pair is divided in an independent market, being observed in the drop-down menu of the upper right corner. It is possible to trade directly consuming the “Dash Board” user panel or manage the “Trades” tab. The latter specifies prices demonstrating the forthcoming offers, as well as a short history of operations.

Market orders are usually indicated at the current price and being processed with counter offers. The second option depicts the orders calculated on the movement of prices in the future.

Except for trading, the QuadrigaCX platform does not offer anything special: no analytical presentations or at least basic tools to conduct price behavior analysis. Furthermore, the history of price behavior covers only the several days. Significantly, the commission fee is obligatory present per transaction and is fixed, it comprises up to 0.25%.

A piece of bad news for customers on the go: there is no application for everyone’s convenience.

If the customers are absolutely anxious about being constantly in the stream of the recent events, then login can be made through a web browser on the mobile phone, because the web version usually optimizes to mobile technical characteristics.

The Bottom Line

Quadriga exchange is now a leading player in the Canadian forex market.

The portal’s trading instrument quickly matches both buy and sell orders, and task accomplishment is operated without delays.

Some other yummy cherry on the delicious pie is a wide range of approaches to deposit and withdrawal of funds. There is no commission fee for most of them.

Among the imperfections, we should note that support is limited just by having the ticket system and the absence of live chat or any contacts back possible. But, it has quite an extensive FAQ section where most of the crucial issues can be found.

To top it all up, we observe positive tendency related to exchange. We recommend this service due to high reliability and stability of the system. This is clear because the activities are controlled by the Canadian financial regulation organization, which takes very seriously any financial projects and risks.


One of the Big Four exchanges influencing the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), LakeBTC (Lake Banking Technology Company) has been operating out of Shanghai, China since 2013, and, despite its location, LakeBTC is aimed at an English speaking clientele who seek an efficient means of buying and selling bitcoin.

Getting Started – Signing up and making a purchase

First things first, it is necessary for all customers to create an account at LakeBTC before they can trade. If trading in cryptocurrencies only, this process entails simply providing an email and password. However, if the customer intends to purchase crypto using fiat currency, there is a verification process that requires personal ID such as a driving license or passport to be provided, as well as a mobile number that can receive an SMS confirmation.

Once a log in has been obtained, bitcoin can be purchased at LakeBTC using a verified Visa or MasterCard credit / debit card. Deposits can also be made using PayPal and a selection of other payment gateways such as Western Union, Skrill, Neteller and MoneyGram. There are at present no deposit or withdrawal amount restrictions.

To buy bitcoin at LakeBTC, first deposit funds into you LakeBTC account and then click on the ‘wallet’ tab to choose the currency and amount you want to purchase. From here you can acquire crypto at current market rates or create a buy order. The same process applies for selling and sell orders.

Fees and Commissions

LakeBTC takes no commission for bitcoin deposits or withdrawals, although they are subject to standard network transaction fees, whereas USD and traditional currency deposits will incur variable fees. All withdrawals take a minimum of 48 hours to process due to site security measures, and significantly longer at high trading volume periods. Each trade is subject to a reasonable 0.02% fee. Market makers working with higher trading volumes incur reduced fees, on a sliding scale, as follows:

  • Over 20,000 BTC – 0.02%
  • Over 6000 BTC – 0.04%
  • Over 3000 BTC – 0.06%
  • Over 500 BTC – 0.10%
  • Under 500 BTC – 0.15%

Deposits made to LakeBTC through bank transfer are said to take 1 to 5 days to process. Bitcoin and other cryptos are not subject to any additional processing time.

A quick search did reveal more than a few comments from customers regarding slow and delayed withdrawal times with LakeBTC when handling fiat currency. We did not experience anything we would consider unreasonable ourselves in our testing of the LakeBTC exchange, yet these anecdotes may be worth bearing in mind if liquidity is a concern.

Support, Security and Privacy

What security measures does the site have in place to protect your LakeBTC account from the ever looming threat of being hacked? The LakeBTC exchange utilizes SSL encryption throughout its site, and two factor authentication is provided through SMS confirmation and Google Authenticator. The majority of funds handled by LakeBTC are held in cold storage, with the bare minimum kept in hot wallets to provide liquidity for day to day operation of the exchange.

LakeBTC also makes a point about how it makes great efforts to ensure fairness of its exchange. Market manipulation, fraud, privileged access, theft … all are said to be combatted by this exchange, which goes so far to provide a statement of assurance that all its customers are treated equally in every regard.

Any issues faced by LakeBTC customers can be addressed and hopefully swiftly dealt with by contacting the exchange’s customer support team. LakeBTC customer support can be got hold of by means of email, phone, SMS, instant messaging and via the site’s various social network presences. There is also a fairly comprehensive FAQ section on the site that provides answers to a lot of common questions one would have when getting to grips with using and understanding a crypto exchange.

Round Up and Final Thoughts

Generally, LakeBTCs credentials are very respectable. As one of the major influencers of the bitcoin market rate, with a high trading volume, high liquidity, and backed by a team of financial professionals with notable experience in crypto and blockchain tech, LakeBTC seems to have the fundamentals covered, and covered very well.

One, and we think this is rather obvious, bug bear we do have, however, is that the site itself, while detailed and comprehensive, does not really equal this effort in terms of appearance. The presentation is very lacking, to say the least. The LakeBTC exchange website looks very rushed and is littered with unnecessary errors and oversights. Sure, it doesn’t affect the functionality, but surely a little spring clean is not beyond the scope of LakeBTCs responsibilities?

We did experience a bit of sluggishness in loading times for site pages, surprisingly, considering its simplicity. The site works just as well on a mobile device as it does a desktop, yet there are no dedicated iOS or Android apps available at the time of writing.



Set up in 2013 and based in the United Kingdom, the Indacoin exchange allows its customers to purchase over 100 different cryptocurrencies via debit or credit card. Indacoin’s main selling point appears to be its simplicity and compliance with factors that allow its customers to conduct transactions with complete anonymity.

On first impression, Indacoin looks very presentable, and suggests a serious proposition. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this crypto exchange and find out whether it should be on your list of reliable and cost effective places to buy bitcoin.

Getting Started – Signing up and making a purchase

First of all, despite advertising the fact that it is not necessary to create an Indacoin account to make use of their service, Indacoin does require its customers to provide an email address, a mobile phone number, and details of the card you wish to use if purchasing bitcoin with fiat currency. Video verification with the presence of personal ID such as a passport or driving license may also be requested. So, unfortunately those looking to simply provide a wallet address will be disappointed.

To buy bitcoin or altcoins at Indacoin using USD, EUR or RUB, you simply click the ‘Buy Cryptocurrency’ tab found at the top of the Indacoin website, select which crypto you would like to purchase, the amount (minimum 30 USD or equivalent), then enter your email address and the address of the wallet you would like your purchased crypto to be transferred to.

Next you will be prompted to enter the details of the Visa or Mastercard card you wish to use to conduct the transaction. Once accepted, you will then be asked to provide contact details and provide verification materials if necessary.

Once this is done, you’ll receive a receipt of the transaction and (usually within minutes) your crypto will be transferred to your wallet.

The initial transaction for a new Indacoin account is limited to $200, $200 for the second transaction at least four days later, $500 after 1 week, and then up to $2000 two weeks after the first purchase. After a period of four weeks card deposit limits are removed.

Fees and Commissions

All transactions at Indacoin are subject to fees and charges. What these fees and charges amount to could not be determined at the time of writing, unfortunately. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Indacoin does not provide any table or scheme of the applied charges. Secondly, in place of a list of charges, the Indacoin exchange calculates the fees for each transaction individually. The problem here is that, despite many allusions to its presence, no such calculator exists on the site at present, leaving customers in the extremely unfavourable position of being blind to the Indacoin transaction fees until after they have committed to a purchase. This is a serious problem and we are very surprised that Indacoin has not made the rectification of this situation a priority.

Support, Security and Privacy

The Indacoin exchange provides customer support via live chat and telephone during normal working hours. Email support is available all other times, while a reasonably thorough FAQ covers many of the most common queries regarding how to use the site. Indacoin rules and regulations are found in the Terms and Conditions section, which also highlights Indacoin’s privacy policy and changes made to comply with the new European GDPR law, as well as how customer data is stored and utilized.

Indacoin accepts fiat currency payments through 3D secure MasterCard and Visa cards. Do check beforehand if your debit / credit card supports this feature, as many do not. In terms of security measures, the site is fully HTTP encrypted, and Indacoin offers 2FA through SMS, requiring that login and all transactions are first verified via a code sent to the customer’s mobile (mobile versions of the Indacoin app are available at the Apple app store and Google Play).

Round Up and Final Thoughts

With its clean and stylish presentation, Indacoin offers a welcome, user friendly means to buy bitcoin, as well as acquire an impressive variety of altcoins. Newcomers will also be heartened by the responsive Indacoin support team that do a good job of replying to enquiries promptly with informative answers.

Yet, the site is not without its drawbacks, and, unfortunately, we found there to be several, not insignificant problems with the Indacoin exchange.

Firstly, calling itself an ‘exchange’, it is rather surprising to find that cryptocurrencies cannot be traded here, only bought. Secondly, Indacoin is not available to residents of the United States. Thirdly, and, the biggest gripe we have with Indacoin, is the lack of transparency about their charges and fees. In fact ‘lack of transparency’ is putting it lightly, as at this moment in time there is no way for customers to check transaction fees before going through with a purchase. This is a major issue, and, although it has a lot going for it, until this is resolved we cannot confidently recommend Indacoin.


Launched in 2013, HitBTC has set itself up as a low fee cryptocurrency trading platform that offers an abundance of data features and technical tools of benefit to the seasoned trader as well as a demo trading facility aimed at newbies who are still on their training wheels. Here we present a quick run through of this exchange that will hopefully give you a good idea of, whether trading altcoins or looking to buy bitcoin, HitBTC should be on your checklist of worthy crypto exchanges.

Getting Started – Sign up and making a purchase

Account creation at the HitBTC exchange is a very simple process. Simply click the ‘register’ button which is displayed on the main page of the HitBTC site. This will take you to the registration page where you will be prompted to enter an email address and password. Once you’ve done this, an email containing a verification link will be send to the provided email address.

The HitBTC exchange requires verification of a new account in compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. This stipulation requires the provision of copies of government issued personal identity documents (passport / driving license etc.), proof of address (utility bill etc.), and proof of bank account ownership (bank statement etc.)

Whilst the site is fully functional on mobile devices, at present there is no official HitBTC app on the market for Android or iOS.

Fees and Commissions

Market price buys incur a 0.01% trade fee, whereas as limit buy orders actually receive a 0.01% rebate. The purpose of this ‘balancing’ is to promote liquidity and encourage market making activity.

While HitBTC does provide a means to buy bitcoin via a credit or debit card, this is currently the only utilization of fiat currency on the site. All deposits, withdrawals and transactions must be carried out using bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency.

Deposits to a HitBTC account are subject to 0.0006 bitcoin fee, regardless of the amount deposited.

Withdrawal fees vary depending on the currency in question. Currently the rate for Bitcoin is 0.001 BTC per withdrawal.

Support, Security and Privacy

HitBTC strongly encourages site users to enable two factor authentication upon log in to the exchange. The HitBTC support section of the website provides a very thorough rundown of the security risks relevant to cryptocurrency exchanges and the measures that the individual can take to mitigate them. There are also a handful of security tools provided such as log in notifications and an account whitelist that facilitates you with control over which wallets your funds can be withdrawn to.

The first line of customer support at HitBTC is the ‘Support Center’. This area of the site provides articles and guides under several categories that cover many of the most common enquiries and aspects that HitBTC account holders tend to face.

Should a resolution to the experienced issue not be found in the support center, the HitBTC support team can be reached via a contact form. What’s more, there’s a HitBTC community forum which is home to discussion on a variety of HitBTC and crypto related topics.

Round Up and Final Thoughts

The HitBTC exchange is one of the longest standing, large scale cryptocurrency exchanges. Even just a few years are relative eons in the high volatility crypto world, with its market bashing dramas and astronomical surges, it takes resolve and skill to maintain any sort of consistency of service, and HitBTC shows itself to be a good example of an exchange that has weathered the storms and built upon its experience.

HitBTC brings to the table a broad selection of unique as well as useful tools and features, trading options and guides, wrapped up in a very well presented, pleasing to the eye website. A site which is balanced in its appeal to veteran traders looking for a depth of trading options and tools, as well as beginners looking for a simplified means of getting in to the market.

Of concern to those who require liquidity and hence speedy deposits and withdrawal to and from their account may be the reports here and there of HitBTC users experiencing protracted delays withdrawing their funds, as well as hiccups and sluggishness in reaching a conclusion to the verification process. Furthermore, there are also complaints about the lack of speed and professionalism the HitBTC support team have shown in dealing with customers’ issues.

Obviously, all large cryptocurrency exchanges will experience busy periods, and during these times the cracks will begin to show, so we wouldn’t be overly concerned with these aspects, certainly not enough to be put off using this exchange.

So, to sum things up, we would say that the HitBTC crypto exchange is very much worthy of your time and attention if what you are seeking is a well-established exchange that covers all bases, has a high trading volume, and offers very reasonable fees, particularly for market makers and limit orders




In the age of digitalization, there are so many novelties and marvels of scientific and technological advance that we don’t know where to look first. One of such marvels is the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry. In our time it has become very profitable not only to acquire but also to trade with digital currencies. This type of trade is gaining momentum. As a result, a huge number of platforms are opening, where trade is carried out both by crypto assets and by fiat money. Through such exchange platforms, customers can track a profitable rate and exchange digital currencies much faster than through the usual electronic exchangers, as in the case with fiat money. But do not forget that filling a profitable niche of the stock exchanges run into high competition, so each representative must comprehensively develop and introduce the latest solutions to attract new inexperienced players and retain existing ones. In this review, we want to draw attention to one of the brightest representatives of the industry – Exmo Exchange.


Launched in 2013, exchange is a UK-based digital currency exchange portal with millions of fintech pros, investors and common people over the globe. Though, it seems to be a small one, it is presupposed to be an extremely popular web-based portal for the purpose of acquiring and selling digital currencies and it claims to offer multiple choice of fruitful options meeting all the needs or wishes of users.

A crucial issue to be mentioned is all the currencies accessible to work with in here, they are thirteen: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DOGE, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Waves, Zcash, Monero, Tether.

As can be seen, exchange created an extensive portfolio of altcoins. After all, we should also mention fiat currencies which are available: US Dollar, Euro, Polish Zloty, Russian Ruble and even Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Registration and Verification

In order to create account, go to the upper right corner of the site and click the “Register” button.

On the page that opens, please carefully fill in all the fields: login, email, password (you need to create a strong password), tick that you agree with the terms of the user agreement, enter the captcha and click “Register”. After that, you will get an email with a confirmation link.

If newcomers decided not to complete the registration process, they are not limited in their actions with portal tools and assets.

The protocol of account creating is obliged in the following situations: query to withdraw the funds in USD or EUR to bank cards; in case of deposit or withdrawal of EPS funds – Payza, Neteller, Skrill; deposit or withdrawal of funds by bank transfer in SEPA or Wire systems. It is important to mention that naturally the documents fulfilled for verification query are submitted with a request.

More than just an exchange service

After filling the login and entering user’s personal account, everyone should pay attention to the main menu on top, in which there are three main sections: Bidding, Exchange, and Wallet.

Clicking on the Bidding section, we actually get to the stock exchange where customers can choose the currency pairs for trading. You’ll see the chart for this pair, and you are able to draw an order up to acquire or sell a certain digital coin (here the amount of purchase should be entered).

Entering the Exchange tab menu, the customers appear in the internal exchange point where a quiet rapid exchange is able to be made between real money and digital coins according to the system rate, where currencies are always accessible on the personal balance.

Here, you will observe a table with the current balance of their account including real money and cryptocurrencies staying in the exchange. Besides, opposite to each currency in the table, there are “Deposit” and “Withdraw” buttons. Clicking on them, customers are able to replenish the account or withdraw the required funds in a convenient way (via payment systems, digital coins wallet, bank cards).

The exchange is created in such a way that anyone from crypto investors to inexperienced users can use it, spending a minimum of time on the exploring the functions of the portal.


We already learned that exchange accepts an ocean of payment methods. But this makes various amounts of fees to take. It is known that while making deposit or withdrawal the stable fee is taken in the amount of 0.2%, and this quantity doesn’t vary on the chosen methods.

When it comes to withdrawing, the amounts are different. Let’s take a quick glance together.

Bitcoin takes 0.001 BTC fee, Litecoin – 0.01 LTC, Dogecoin – 1 DOGE, Dash – 0.01 DASH, Ethereum – 0.01, Waves – 0.001, Zcash – 0.01, Tether – 5 USDT, Monero – 0.05, Ripple – 0.02, KickCoin – 25, Ethereum Classic – 0.01, and Bitcoin Cash keeps its 0.001 BCH.

Referral program

When registering on the official website of the exchange, each user has a chance to get fruitful benefits represented by a profitable affiliate program and to try their luck to receive extensive additional income from partners invited.

The partners of the exchange can earn 25% of the commission received by the exchange from all transactions of partners invited by you.

The Bottom Line exchange has become extremely popular among users from CIS since it supports a lot of languages. The exchange procedure is simple and really reliable. A multiple choice of currencies both fiat and digital is convenient and exciting. People are able to deposit and withdraw currencies using a wide range of available payment systems and they can do it directly to bank cards. Even inexperienced customers have a great chance to succeed if to examine the portal in details. It is already well-known that the country of official company registration in Great Britain. Legislation here strictly refers to any financial activity, especially when it comes to digital coins. That is all indicating the competent and accurate compilation of all documents for licensing in the current field.

If to speak about support, it provides services around the clock. So, customers have the possibility to contact support via live chat and get a response. The portal has an FAQ section as well, which hells to solve some problems.

The portal gives real-time market information, so everyone will constantly be in a stream of recent events.

So, if you are interested and already want to buy bitcoin, welcomes you. Join the portal and the service will gratefully present you a zillion of benefits.




The digital currencies continue to gain popularity and more and more people get interested, wishing to invest in this industry. Usually, newcomers tend to get the most famous coins, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Due to the cryptocurrency growth, new services constantly appear. They empower the capability of its acquisition of fiat currency or even exchange. One of the top and most reliable platforms offering such services is Coinmama. Let’s take a glance at this very service and surf around it together to understand how it works.


The project is owned by a New Bit Ventures LTD subsidiary, which is called NBV International s.r.o. The company is registered as a service for working with money and has a certificate which can be easily found on the official website.

The internet platform began its work in 2013 and since then it offers services for the acquisition of the most famous currencies for fiat money from a bank card. The Coinmama creators were among the first to offer an aforementioned method of purchase allowing them to quickly take top positions in the ranking of market leaders. The piece of service is available in 226 countries and in most of the American states as well. This makes it be one of the simplest and most common options among similar businesses. The tagline on the official website holds that this is the easiest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. The developers have launched other digital coins to work with, they are Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Qtum. It is really trusted by so many people around the globe and one of the oldest similar bitcoin brokers.

Coinmama is not a stock exchange in its usual understanding. Here, you can only buy currency, so this is more like an exchange office. The platform does not have an e-wallet so all the acquired assets are usually transferred to the address which user has specified. This really makes the project safer because, in the case of hacking, users’ funds will not suffer.

It is worth mentioning that the purchase price depends on the current market situation. The system itself adjusts to the course and offers the purchase of “packages” for a fixed cost. It is also possible to buy another quantity, which is not less than the cheapest and no more than the most expensive packages.

Coinmama exchange also offers its users a referral program. Thanks to it, you can get 15% of the commissions’ cost of the involved users. Referral links are used for this. Payments can be made only after the broker receives at least three orders from at least three referrals.


The current financial service can be rightly considered really fast and trusted with which it is possible to have fun while buying digital currencies because of its easy processes. The team at the helm of this company is really professional. They are people united by one goal, they are passionate fans of their business, who approach to work sincerely. The team is sure that in the future of the money people are in absolute control of their own economies without middlemen or scam.


To start working with the portal, the newcomer must undergo the registration and verification process. You have to open the “Sign Up” page and enter the following data: email address, your password, full name, and country of residence. After that, the customer will find the email containing a link to begin the procedure of identity confirmation.

So, as we can see, the Coinmama account creation is simple enough. When you are already a registered user, you will need only the Coinmama login and password to enter the portal.

The amount by which you can buy coins depends on verification. The first verification level allows the acquisition of up to 10 thousand dollars. To obtain it, you just need to provide a document that is an identity card issued by the state.

The second level of verification requires an identity card and a payment facilities bill, or selfie. This provides the possibility of buying currencies for 50 thousand dollars.

If a user wants to remove any restrictions, then it is needed to contact the Coinmama support service and make a request to receive the third level. This can be done by sending an e-mail to

To verify the identity, go to the “Verify your account” page and type the required information there. Additionally, a telephone number must be specified.

Buying currencies

Every newcomer gets the opportunity to make a purchase right after the administration accepts documents and provides them at an appropriate level. It is required to open the corresponding currency page and select the purchase amount. It is possible to use packages offered by the company or even specify a different amount.

In order to buy Bitcoin Coinmama offers packages for 100, 250, 1000 and 3000 dollars. The amount that is purchased for this money is recalculated at the time of purchase based on the rate in the market. It is also possible to pay with euros. Limits on the purchase are valid for one day beginning from the date of placement of the last transaction request.

The transfer of purchased coins is made immediately after the completion of the payment process and the funds will be received by the buyer as soon as the transaction collects the required number of confirmations by the blockchain.

Service Commission

One must also consider the commission that the service holds. It should be noted that there will be no additional fees for the service and the interest is already included in the price displayed on the site. The commission is 5.5%. The use of credit or debit cards also implies payment for services, which is 5%.

Customer Support

It is worth mentioning that Coinmama has a very detailed FAQ section. When reading it, it’s possible to find practically all answers related to the service. But if the customers have some specific questions, it is easy to contact with Coinmama support service working around the clock. They provide professional and fast help.

The bottom line

As every case, the service has both strong and weak points.

The company boasts the great newcomers-oriented service. When surfing around the market, we didn’t find a wide range of projects created with an emphasis on inexperienced traders and investors. Working with Coinmama should not cause difficulties or problems for customers with any level of training, even the beginner one.

One of the greatest features of the service is the possibility to work with fiat currencies. Support of credit and debit cards definitely facilitates the purchase in all countries where the service operates.

Another fruitful bonus of this service is that this broker does not keep customers’ funds because they are always sent directly to the e-wallet. Every item with confidential information is encrypted reliably. This proves that the service is a secure place to stay.

As was already mentioned, the company is beginners-oriented, so that is why the customer support works 24/7 and always provides professional help.

And the last but not the least, according to (websites traffic analysis and market intelligence), Coinmama has really wide range of visitors abroad (71, 416), a great number of visitors from the USA (26.27%), Brazil (8.68%), UK (3.93%), Israel (3.35%), Canada(2.85%).

It also has certain shortcomings.

Nevertheless, the portal is easily available through desktop version, there is still no Coinmama app. So, it is not convenient for people who are always on the go. Since the Coinmama is a trading platform, there is a high time for developers to create the mobile applications to meet the needs of all existing and future customers.

The portal only sells digital currencies without allowing buying it back from customers.

The service fees are extremely high and can go up to 12 percent depending on the affair.


Nowadays all of us observe the steady rising of digital currency marketcap with the growth of its popularity both among fintech pros and common people. The altcoins are rapidly evolving into one of the most attractive investment opportunities for cryptocurrency investors looking for fruitful chance to make significant profits through their investment strategies. Although it is true that most widely used digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are still and all dominating the market, altcoins are experiencing meteoric rise.

Well, cryptocurrency market capitalization is growing, that means it leads to the appearance of brand new trading and exchange services that constantly compete for customers. Each and every project of such a kind aims to take its place in the sun either focusing on safety and security aspects of work or trying to attract users with delicious pieces of innovations with a chance for access to a great variety of digital currencies.

Ever saw an ocean of ads with digital currency exchange services but still hesitating to choose the best and the most reliable? Let’s dive into this exciting world together!

This very review is dedicated solely to project, which boasts of zillion advantages allowed it to earn a reputation of a reliable and convenient trading platform in an approximately short window of time.


The company was founded in 2016, so we can consider them relatively young in this industry and very promising. The developers’ team decided to include not necessarily the most famous digital currencies in the trading assortment. The main emphasis is on altcoins, trading with which brings a greater profit for traders, as well as the opportunity to be realized as a start-up to companies that have the intentions to enter the ICO with promising projects. The total number of tokens on the site exceeds 300 and continues to grow.

The portal normally provides exchange services for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Comparing to other similar services, the exchange does not welcome fiat money from whatsoever real money payment options. Considering all aforesaid, the exchange concentrates solely on crypto-exchange being absolutely excellent for those wanting to exchange their current BTC for altcoins or conversely. If the users reading this were digging for an exchange wherein they can convert their dollars to digital currencies, then this is not the right place.

When opening the site, we see that the interface is pretty understandable, easy and convenient. The newcomers don’t have to be technical nerds to explore the top-notch services without difficulties. Surfing the site, we see that it is filled with initial priorities and goals, which are really inspiring.


Creating account is a typical process that doesn’t take a lot of time. To begin registration process, the newcomers need to click the “Registration” button, which is situated in the upper right corner of the site. After clicking it, the users will see the window where the personal data should be typed.

After filling all the data down, the users will obligatory receive an email with a confirmation link. Clicking this link, the users will reach the site where they are offered either to replenish the deposit or set up account security.

After login, the newcomers will have access to their personal profile, where such sections can be found: markets, fees, support, and my account (in which you’ll find all the functions for deposit and withdrawal, as well as additional settings).

Trading with the

Perhaps, it is the most interesting part of the review and the site itself. First of all, it is important to mention all the currencies available to work with in here: BTC, DOGE, ETH, ETC, and LTC, and an ocean of altcoins as well! Browsing the tabs of the service, it is possible to make a selection typing the coin name, the latest price possible and other functions.

Considering the enormous number of instruments for trading and the fact that not all tokens are traded being paired up with major cryptocurrencies, the common market at is divided into active markets, where each coin is opposed by tokens.

To start speculation, you must first choose the type of market and instrument for trading, to study the market situation as well.

For each asset, the sufficiently detailed information is presented to conduct a competitive analysis and decide on whether to enter the transaction. Under the schedule and key information, tools for creating orders and a glass of prices from already placed on the market are realized. Orders can be market and deferred, depending on what price is specified as the target.

Deposit and withdrawal

The great news is that deposits at are made completely for free. Unfortunately, this story does not cover the withdrawals. In order to buy bitcoin offers to study the related information to withdraw carefully. The withdrawals normally undergo certain confirmations and here the portal has interest, it charges a fee per request. Speaking about bitcoin, here the withdrawal fee is about 0.00150000, where usually two confirmations needed. Comparing to it, Litecoin requires a fee in the amount of 0.01000000 and 50 confirmations needed. As for Dash, it always charges 0.01000000 with twenty confirmations.

Customer Support

When it comes to personal funds, it is always important to have 24/7 possibility to contact support center in case some problems or difficulties appear. Observing the work of portal, we have found it has the system of tickets, so the customers have to fill in the form and wait till the support team contacts back.

But if the request is not a specific one, the newcomers and experienced visitors have a possibility to open FAQ’s tab in order to examine the subject of their need. The FAQ’s tab normally contains most of the answers for users’ convenience.

The Bottom Line

The only point that’s not so excited about this portal is a lack of information. There is no material on the establishment by which the portal is operated. This shadow breeds the suspicion about their safety and security while staying on the portal. In our opinion, when it comes to safety on such kind of services, one must study where the license is issued and other organizational moments related to proving the company being official establishment. The next disadvantage is that the fiat currencies are not supported here.

But, there are also fruitful cherries on the pie! The cryptocurrency investors will appreciate the fact that there are zillions of top digital coins and altcoins. Everyone can make fruitful profits on this portal! Finally, the trading is totally anonymous which is a good point to keep in mind!


If there is a cryptocurrency exchange that can compete for being named the best, it’s probably Changelly. Not only does it have a very appealing and easy-to-deal-with interface, supports over 100 digital currencies, and offers some of the most lucrative exchange rates, but has been getting very positive feedback. If you are looking for a place to trade cryptocurrency and fiat money using a credit card, Changelly exchange will surely interest you with its instant transactions and extremely low fees.

If you provide any kind of crypto services, you should also consider incorporating Changelly payment widget which can be customized to serve your clients’ needs. Check their API and Affiliate program offering mutually beneficial cooperation.


First mentions of Changelly can be traced back to 2013 when it was still a startup developed by the MinerGate team that has been exploring possibilities of crypto technologies and doing their best to introduce secure and reliable services. A year later, Changelly was shaped into a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange, until it was finally released in 2015. This time, the platform was significantly improved both visually and technologically.

Since then, Changelly has managed to spread all over the world, convincing more than 2 million users to sign up and use its services. Their active trading results in over 15,000 transactions every week and about 60,000 BTC transfers on a monthly basis.

Creating an Account

You can use the platform without even creating a Changelly account. All you will need in this case is your wallet address. However, if you want to have access to your transactions history on the site, there are two more options. You can either enter your email address or use an existing social media profile to log in. If you are planning to use your credit card for buying cryptocurrency, you may need to provide additional information for your account to be verified. Using crypto coins to buy other crypto coins requires no verification.

How It Works

Once you are ready to buy Bitcoin, Changelly will offer you an easy and straightforward tool to do so. If you want to purchase some other altcoin, click on the drop-down menu and either scroll to find it or start entering its name. Do the same to select the currency you want to exchange. Enter how much you have to see how much you’ll get. If you like what you see, click on the Exchange button, which will bring you to the next step where you have to provide your wallet address. If you don’t have one, you will be offered to create a free wallet.

Next, depending on the currency and payment method you want to use, you will have to transfer your payment and wait for the coins to arrive to your wallet. This usually takes from five to thirty minutes, followed by a notification. You can also check the transaction status in your history.

At times, the transaction may take longer because of certain reasons. Most often it will be due to a blockchain overload, which happens when the system has too many operations going on at the same time and cannot process them fast enough. This, however, means that you will simply have to wait for your transaction’s turn. You will receive your money, just with some delay. Sometimes, Changelly may be updating information on the coins you ordered, and so they will temporarily turn those off. Once the coins are available again, they will be transferred to you.

Available Currencies and Fees

Changelly supports over a hundred cryptocurrencies, both popular and lesser known ones. So, there is a good chance that you will find the one you need. And in case it’s missing from the list, there is a page where you can suggest it to be added later. You see, its absence is no reason to give up on a good exchange.

As for the fiat money accepted for purchasing cryptocurrency, you can use USD or EUR. However, the fees for credit/debit card payment are extremely high (5% charged by Changelly and 5% charged by Simplex for processing the purchase), while you will only have to pay 0.5% when using crypto coins for payment.

There are also certain limits on how much you can buy with a credit or debit card during your first few orders. They vary depending on the country where the card was issued, so make sure to check them beforehand not to be disappointed during the purchase.


Your Changelly login details are safe due to the two-factor authentication. That is, should you choose to create an account. Otherwise, there is no need to worry about the safety of your funds. They are not stored on the platform but are instantly exchanged between the traders. Changelly takes all necessary precautions to protect the transactions, and there have not been reports about any serious incidents. The growing popularity and trust of millions of users speak for themselves.

Customer Support

Changelly support can be contacted via email or live chat that has been added recently. Time of the response can be an issue when you are experiencing problems and want to make sure you are not losing your money, so we are glad the site owners reacted to the customers complains. Hopefully, they will also add support by phone one day. But for now, we would like to compliment very detailed FAQ section; it does cover almost every question newcomers may have.

The Bottom Line

If you want to exchange crypto to crypto, Changelly will be one of the leading options for you due to a long list of supported currencies. However, it may not be the cheapest place to buy cryptocurrency using fiat money. There are no fixed rates, which is explained by the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, but a low commission fee helps to keep the amount you’ll have to pay within reasonable limits.

There also doesn’t seem to be a Changelly app, which we do not necessarily want to count as a drawback, but it is somewhat disappointing not to have an optimized mobile version of such a popular service in our day and age. In every other respect, Changelly is pretty great.